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15'40" Brasil


Um homem religioso e ligado às tradições, dobrado por uma doença degenerativa incurável, decide acabar com seu sofrimento. Ele incumbe a seu filho Omar, com quem tem um relacionamento tempestuoso, a tarefa de encontrar quem ponha fim à sua dor.

Caio Cortonesi

07'33" França


Adrien, Louis and Mathieu are three non-conformist youth, a bit hood and drop-out, living in a small french town. One day Adrien makes a surprise for Mathieu : he kidnaps the girl Mathieu loves secretly. Ill appreciated by his two friends who don't know if it's just a joke or if he intends to go trough with his plan, Adrien causes a clash wich could break their friendship.

Felicien Pinot

09'25" Brasil


No futuro, o trabalho não é mais uma necessidade. Uma cientista foge da depressão vivendo em um ambiente de realidade virtual hedonista, até que um misterioso 'terrorista' virtual a leva a enfrentar seu medo mais profundo.

Caio Cortonesi

19' França


Nina, Raph and Malo, three young musicians on their way to a tour hope to sign with a musical label. Persuaded to win the jackpot, Ralph unwittingly spends their entire savings playing casino. Now ruined and without gasoline, their caravan is found immobilized on a parking lot in a small provincial town. Malo tries to convince Nina to change their precarious lifestyle for a peaceful and stable future. On the other side, Ralph lives with the fear of seeing his friends leave. For her part, Nina claims to try to find a theater that could accommodate them in the nearby city. With an end in suspense, all these elements question the viewer about his place in society, his dreams, the desires of each, stifled by what is imposed on us. Between the happy days from which the characters come and the peaceful days they hope to see come back, the scenario suggests monsters, while playing with the imagination of spectators who are devoid of information about the world around them.

Lerena Lopez

02' Brasil

Experimento #1

How to experience a place through the memory of our body. Starting from this principle, this contemporary dance work is expressed about the corporal questions, related to the experiences with a physical space. These relationships go beyond material questions and overflow ideas, feelings, dynamics, actions and movements. The narrative is based on the fusion of the concepts of cinematic movement from a cinematographic point of view.

Christian Schneider

20' Brasil


Onde vive o amor depois que morre?

Marcello Quintella e Boynard

01' Brasil

J . 28

Doente e sem dinheiro para pagar um tratamento, Julia vende seu corpo através da prostituição na esperança de juntar o valor necessário para pagar o tratamento.

Christian Schneider

04' Espanha

Veus del Vent

"Veus del Vent" is a song from TEMPS the last disc by Pleasan Dreams. This video is a song about memories, about how they lived and about their shared experiences. A tribute to the elderly at a very delicate moment for them because of the crisis caused by COVID-19. Actually, the song "Veus del vent" is inspired by the cultural and scenic project of the theater company La Inestable, from Xilxes, which tries to recover the memory of the elderly and keep alive their memories, those of lives full of work , whose efforts allow us today to enjoy freedoms that were resisted in their youth.

Ana Beltrán Porcar

14' Rússia


For a long time, he wanted to put an end to a series of insane deeds in his life, to become normal. But you cannot fool your nature. GESTALT commands him...

Maxim Shilov

03'29" Reino Unido

Leonardo Frigo - Ink Artist

Leonardo Frigo is a London-based artist and violinist whose passion, innovation, and innate creative talent have all earned him the reputation as a celebrated visionary within the United Kingdom’s thriving art community. Today, Leonardo is in the midst of working on a venture that pays homage to Dante Alighieri’s masterwork, “Inferno,” featuring one cello and 33 violins for each chapter.

Daniele Andronico

02' Canadá

La Prophétesse

Drawing from the observations, experiences and thoughts gathered throughout her life, the prophetess, in a surge of hope and altruism, shares her conception of a world which should have been, could or will be: a manifesto, for a fictitious or latent generation The text is freely inspired by a Francis Ponge poem, The Law and the Prophets (1930), reinterpreted and rewritten to better anchor it to the contemporary context as well as to my own ideals.

Marco Joubert

11' Espanha

Madre Reflejo

Helena receives Enrique's visit after many years of his disappearance. They have a hard conversation. Enrique tries to explain the reason for this abandonment. Helena is so disappointed that she does not allow him to explain what happened.

Aleix López


05' Espanha


Inspired and recorded during the 2020 quarantine

Aleix López

02' Romênia

The last dream

The synopsis is the feeling you get after watching the film.

Dan Ciupureanu

02' França


The teddy bear is a poetic metaphor for animals whose place is free, but also for children who, as they grow up, give up toys.

Dan Ciupureanu

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