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15'40" Brasil


Um homem religioso e ligado às tradições, dobrado por uma doença degenerativa incurável, decide acabar com seu sofrimento. Ele incumbe a seu filho Omar, com quem tem um relacionamento tempestuoso, a tarefa de encontrar quem ponha fim à sua dor.

Caio Cortonesi

07'33" França


Adrien, Louis and Mathieu are three non-conformist youth, a bit hood and drop-out, living in a small french town. One day Adrien makes a surprise for Mathieu : he kidnaps the girl Mathieu loves secretly. Ill appreciated by his two friends who don't know if it's just a joke or if he intends to go trough with his plan, Adrien causes a clash wich could break their friendship.

Felicien Pinot

09'25" Brasil


No futuro, o trabalho não é mais uma necessidade. Uma cientista foge da depressão vivendo em um ambiente de realidade virtual hedonista, até que um misterioso 'terrorista' virtual a leva a enfrentar seu medo mais profundo.

Caio Cortonesi

19' França


Nina, Raph and Malo, three young musicians on their way to a tour hope to sign with a musical label. Persuaded to win the jackpot, Ralph unwittingly spends their entire savings playing casino. Now ruined and without gasoline, their caravan is found immobilized on a parking lot in a small provincial town. Malo tries to convince Nina to change their precarious lifestyle for a peaceful and stable future. On the other side, Ralph lives with the fear of seeing his friends leave. For her part, Nina claims to try to find a theater that could accommodate them in the nearby city. With an end in suspense, all these elements question the viewer about his place in society, his dreams, the desires of each, stifled by what is imposed on us. Between the happy days from which the characters come and the peaceful days they hope to see come back, the scenario suggests monsters, while playing with the imagination of spectators who are devoid of information about the world around them.

Lerena Lopez

02' Brasil

Experimento #1

How to experience a place through the memory of our body. Starting from this principle, this contemporary dance work is expressed about the corporal questions, related to the experiences with a physical space. These relationships go beyond material questions and overflow ideas, feelings, dynamics, actions and movements. The narrative is based on the fusion of the concepts of cinematic movement from a cinematographic point of view.

Christian Schneider

20' Brasil


Onde vive o amor depois que morre?

Marcello Quintella e Boynard

01' Brasil

J . 28

Doente e sem dinheiro para pagar um tratamento, Julia vende seu corpo através da prostituição na esperança de juntar o valor necessário para pagar o tratamento.

Christian Schneider

04' Espanha

Veus del Vent

"Veus del Vent" is a song from TEMPS the last disc by Pleasan Dreams. This video is a song about memories, about how they lived and about their shared experiences. A tribute to the elderly at a very delicate moment for them because of the crisis caused by COVID-19. Actually, the song "Veus del vent" is inspired by the cultural and scenic project of the theater company La Inestable, from Xilxes, which tries to recover the memory of the elderly and keep alive their memories, those of lives full of work , whose efforts allow us today to enjoy freedoms that were resisted in their youth.

Ana Beltrán Porcar

14' Rússia


For a long time, he wanted to put an end to a series of insane deeds in his life, to become normal. But you cannot fool your nature. GESTALT commands him...

Maxim Shilov

03'29" Reino Unido

Leonardo Frigo - Ink Artist

Leonardo Frigo is a London-based artist and violinist whose passion, innovation, and innate creative talent have all earned him the reputation as a celebrated visionary within the United Kingdom’s thriving art community. Today, Leonardo is in the midst of working on a venture that pays homage to Dante Alighieri’s masterwork, “Inferno,” featuring one cello and 33 violins for each chapter.

Daniele Andronico

02' Canadá

La Prophétesse

Drawing from the observations, experiences and thoughts gathered throughout her life, the prophetess, in a surge of hope and altruism, shares her conception of a world which should have been, could or will be: a manifesto, for a fictitious or latent generation The text is freely inspired by a Francis Ponge poem, The Law and the Prophets (1930), reinterpreted and rewritten to better anchor it to the contemporary context as well as to my own ideals.

Marco Joubert

11' Espanha

Madre Reflejo

Helena receives Enrique's visit after many years of his disappearance. They have a hard conversation. Enrique tries to explain the reason for this abandonment. Helena is so disappointed that she does not allow him to explain what happened.

Aleix López


05' Espanha


Inspired and recorded during the 2020 quarantine

Aleix López

02' Romênia

The last dream

The synopsis is the feeling you get after watching the film.

Dan Ciupureanu

02' França


The teddy bear is a poetic metaphor for animals whose place is free, but also for children who, as they grow up, give up toys.

Dan Ciupureanu

77' Espanha

Navajeros, Censores y Nuevos Realizadores

Spain 1977. Year of the first democratic elections after the dictatorship and birth of the cinema quinqui: a group of films that quickly become a commercial exploits of great commercial success, showing what a year ago was prohibited by censorship. These genuine productions, that have remained in the collective memory for their music, as for its characters, narrate the experiences and adventures of a series of young delinquents who jumped to fame and the covers of magazines and newspapers of the early 80s. Several experts and personalities from the cinema, music, media and culture reflect on how that cinema was and how it has influenced the new filmmakers of the new century.

Rafael Robles Rafatal

13' Espanha


Dos amigos que se encuentran en una bar. Una deuda que incomoda y cervezas que dan paso a conversaciones banales en forma de juego. Juguemos, apostemos, pongamos las cartas boca arriba y pensemos que estaríamos dispuesto hacer a cambio de dinero. ¿Quién juega con quién?. Estas son las circunstancias en la que nuestros protagonistas se ven envueltos. Un tira y afloja en una apuesta pueril que solo pretende ser un juego pero que esconde algo más. La vida como un juego. Juega, juégatela, que no te la jueguen, mira buen tus cartas, obsérvalas ¿Cuál es tu mejor baza? ¿Lo tienes claro?...juguemos. Dale al play.

Álvaro Carrero

50' Espanha


Una noche oscura y lluviosa cambió para siempre su vida. Nacida y criada en la isla filipina de Negros, Anna Balcells se mudó a Barcelona, la tierra de su padre, para continuar con sus estudios y convertirse en empresaria de éxito. Tras 20 años en España y 8 en Manila, Anna regresó a Negros. Allí conoció a Phil y Cecilia Seckler, fundadores de Haven Home, un hogar para niños abandonados y maltratados. Con un puñado de “ángeles y guerreros” nació Kalipay Negrense, organización creada por Balcells para combatir el abuso y explotación de menores. Esta es la historia del sueño de Anna. Un sueño alegre y despierto, que comenzó una noche oscura y lluviosa.

Federico Cardelús

08' Espanha


Life can change in a blink of an eye, a thin line separates heaven from hell. You may never know when you have to leave your safe zone until you get the hit and everything used to be there, is gone in next minute. Now, it is your time to keep breathing until you feel alive again. This is the story of a Syrian refugee girl, who crossed that thin line and everything in her life changed suddenly.

Eduardo Vieitez

09' Espanha


Un hombre atormentado se reencuentra con su destino hacienda de ello su tortura.

Angel Santisteban Azorín

16' Espanha


Based on true events Fran is a fiction drama. All starts with a discussion with her sister that will unchain a cathartic process, this will let to discover her own limits.

Julia de Paz Solvas

103' Espanha

El Brazalete de Oro

In 1314 the Knights Templar were outlawed and persecuted unto death. Before disappearing altogether, many of their members fulfilled the holy mission of hiding relics of an immeasurable power in order to keep them away from the hands of the enemy. 700 years later, Jorge, a cartoonist, comes across one of these amazing objects, the golden bracelet. This finding triggers off a series of events that bring back ancestral dark forces which Jorge will have to fight against. In this way, Jorge, along with his best friend Mario and the girl who constantly ignores him, are in charge of continuing the Knight Templar's holy mission to save the destiny of humanity. Inspired in the Legend by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer ?The Golden Bracelet?.

Luis Alejandro Jardón

52' Espanha

El Viaje del Ganador

Diego Pons, is one of the best-known Spanish-speaking travel videobloggers. After receiving the #BlogueroGold award, which recognizes the best travel blogger of the year, decided to use his prize money to undertake the most ambitious trip he has ever made.  It's been 30 years since he left Uruguay to build a better future in Spain, now he decided to spend the year changing again with his parents, Adela and Ricardo. These 85-year-olds are shocked when Diego tells them that he has decided to take them on an adventure of his dreams, to visit the Maya Riviera. The three embarked on a journey full of adventures, emotions, landscapes, places, flavors and very special people. Mexico and the Maya Riviera have been key to Diego’s success, and he wants his parents to enjoy it before it's too late. It is his way of thanking his parents for the life they have given him. The viewer can travel with them and see the wonders of the Maya Riviera, but also understand the intense life of parents who suffered under the dictatorship in Uruguay, the emotions of an immigrant who crossed the Atlantic in search of a better life and finally, the universal feelings that accompany each person in their most important journey that each one can take, that of their own life.

Eduardo Moratalla

17' Espanha

Trust me

A prostitute without papers tries to get money to reunite with her daughter. Different stories will cross paths in a tale where distrust and chance will take on special importance.

Javi Navarro

42' Portugal

Portugal under Lockdown

Filme documentário sobre a realidade portuguesa diante da pandemia provocada pela COVID 19. Entrevistas com as pessoas que lidaram diretamente com o problema desde enfermeiras até os fabricantes de viseiras. O filme também faz um comparativo entre o nº de óbitos entre Portugal, Espanha e França.

Carlos Alberto Costa

02' Espanha


Two women in a bathtub. In love. The waves were high and capped with foam.

Adi Dror

12' Espanha

El Bazar

An executive walks by chance into a shop in order to charge his mobile phone. Strange and unexplained events will soon begin to happen, and it is that nothing is what it looks like in that bazaar.

Luis Fernandez Jardón

06' Espanha


Carlos: A husband, a father, a field agent……a family in crisis. However, there are missions which should prevail over any other.

Luis Fernandez Jardón

57' Espanha


Lighthouses have become, over time, an icon in the collective imagination. Every day there are less light keepers, now called Systems Navaids Technicians, living in the lighthouse. And as they say, it is a profession threatened with extinction as a result of service automation. But there are still some, and we wanted to tell their story and stories of the lighthouse keepers who preceded them. The evolution of navigation, and with it headlights to help boaters, have been a constant since the first ones were built. Today the future of the buildings is in question.

Virginia Solà

18' Espanha

Nunca te dejé sola


“Claudia, a teenager who has always felt a strange aversion towards her mother, accompanies her to clean up their old family home, where they used to spend the summers. Once there, Claudia is haunted by ghosts of her past, seeing no other option but to face the truth from which she has been running all her life.”

Mireia Noguera

15' Brasil


Durante suas férias na casa de campo da família, Gaia é assombrada pela presença de Ariel. Numa noite violenta, Dr. Euclides, seu pai e hipnoterapeuta, faz revelações perturbadoras.

Kadu Zargalio

07' Brasil / Chile

Alas de Otoño

Asas de Outono é um ensaio audiovisual experimental elaborado durante a quarentena do coronavirus, no mês de maio de 2020. O curta é um lamento pelas sensações de clausura e vulnerabilidade trazidas pela pandemia.

Pedro Dantas

36' Brasil / Chile


Griot: narrador de historias, lo hace como un poeta. Expresión viva de la cultura oral. También debe contar con la habilidad de improvisar sobre acontecimientos actuales. Tradición afro heredada por las culturas afro-brasileñas. Este ensayo audiovisual se estructura a partir de la oralidad, grabada con poetas de São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro y Pernambuco, los cuales expresan resistencia, sabiduría y crítica frente a la história contemporánea de Brasil

Pedro Dantas

09' México

Langosta Blanca

3 humble fishermen surviving in a unpropitious sea, today they will find a misterious white lobster that will show them their deepest wills and dreams, but also can drag them to a dark path of perdition and greed.

Paul Gómez López

07' Rússia


Film about Our ideas about reality are always erroneous and balance on the verge of individual fiction. The idea that we are in every moment, contact, step, in every thought - just moving between the worlds in the style of improvisation? Statics and preparation are not possible. What can we rely on? We believe that gender, age, social status, and education are color. In this maze of realities ... or is it just the edge of her mysterious kaleidoscope?

Daria Maltseva e Vladimir Ivanov

07' Rússia


We swim in an ocean of inconceivable life, we vibrate and we soar in its diversity. Encountering one another on the flow of waves, we get closer, we unite, we move away and fall part. Who are we for each other? Sometimes a single meeting can change everything. Who are we in this stream of conversations, breaths, glances and meaning gaul   silence? Our bodies vibrate, speak with one another, but do we really listen to these sounds? All living creatures radiate: a flower is interconnected with a bird, a dolphin is communicating to humans in an entirely different way - that makes up an intricate fabric of reality. But who are we?   Do we share a common reality, or does each one of us perceive their own piece? Do we then connect only to share a moment in common?

Daria Maltseva e Vladimir Ivanov

19' Bolívia


No final da década de 1950, na cidade de La Paz (Bolívia) Florentino, um homem solitário, resgata um morador de rua (Félix) de uma briga de rua e o oferece para passar a noite em sua casa. Ambos vivem os efeitos colaterais de uma revolução (a partir de 1952) mal articulada, e dos avanços da ciência versus a liberdade do homem. Felix se acomoda no apartamento, percebendo que os vizinhos de Florentino são estrangeiros. Félix, demonstra sua aversão aos estrangeiros que estão "invadindo" seu país, demonstrando, quase que abertamente, uma intolerância que Florentino não compartilha.

Fernando Azer Echalar

13' Brasil


Filme ambientado no bairro de Copacabana, realizado por meio de colagem de imagens atuais e de arquivo (Super 8 e digital). Uma obra experimental narrada pela importante fala do poeta Fausto Fawcett, e com som do músico Arnaldo Brandão.

Marcos Bonissin e Khalil Charif

76' Cuba

Histórias de Xadrez

Santiago de Cuba, 1966-2018. Três histórias sobre xadrez: “O professor”, “Campeonato Nacional de Xadrez (W)” e “Diabéticos”. Raul é professor de xadrez, músico de jazz, jogador de rua e jogador. Ele mantém uma relação tensa com a ex-mulher, Rachel, e com Fernando, padrasto de seu filho Mateo. Osdalgia Vidaux é uma Grande Mestre do xadrez, cristã devota e mãe de família. Ela joga o Campeonato Nacional, e deve vencer se quiser participar da Copa do Mundo. Pedro e Pablo são crianças de 11 anos que fizeram amizade através do jogo da ciência em 1966, devido à fúria do xadrez que dominava o país para as Olimpíadas de Xadrez celebradas em Havana. 52 anos depois, são dois velhos, diabéticos e deficientes. A filha de Pablo veio a Santiago para levar seu pai para Havana.

Emmanuel Martin

18' Bélgica


Hoje é o primeiro dia de Hipólita em Atenas, uma start-up em expansão. Cheio de boa vontade, ele se junta a seus colegas de trabalho na corrida desafiadora para encontrar a ideia.

Natan Castay e Jeremy Maucour

04' França

Un Jour Exceptionnel

Por um dia, um pai troca seu papel com sua filha

Cédrick Spinassou

16' Espanha

A Chave

No será fácil explicar esta muerte. –Esta es una casa de libertad, y aquí la gente viene por su propio pie, hombres y mujeres. Una casa honesta, en la que buscan el amor que no reciben… el amor que no son capaces de dar… o de pedir. Más que una casa, es como una iglesia, al que pide cobijo, le damos consuelo, al que pide confesión, confesión encuentra. Todo lo que usted pueda imaginar, es posible tras estas puertas. –Pero el marqués es un buen hombre, y muy importante ¿Qué vino buscando aquí? –Pregunte a sus hombres comisario, lo que hacemos aquí…

Rafael Robles Rafatal

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